Stories for Kid’s

Something new is being added to the Living Marriage site and it is for parents and young children, say from four to eight or nine years of age (the children that is).  It’s been my observation of my own children, years ago, and my grandchildren today, all kid’s love stories of most any sort.  It doesn’t matter if they are read to them or something you just make up and tell them at bedtime.  I’ve always been one who likes to tell stories, so I decided to write a children’s devotional of sorts that parents can read to their children or if older, they can read to themselves and then talk about with mom or dad, grandpa or grandma.  Anyway, this is the plan and I will be posting them, beginning today.


Many of us are familiar with the list found in Galatians chapter five called “the fruit of the Spirit”; they are love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control (verses 22-23).  There is another list that precedes it in chapter five called “the acts of the sinful nature” (verses 19-21), which is the antithesis of the Spirit’s fruit.  At the end of each story there will be a few items from these lists, or something related, for the young one to try to find in the story.  I hope this to be a jumping off point for discussion and application.


Some of the stories will be first person, the type my grandchildren enjoy; full of mishaps, mischief and mistakes. There will also be interleaved, bible stories about individual people.  Since they have not yet been written or put together, who knows what might also find its way in? Regardless, I hope you find them useful as well as enjoyable.

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