Do you know the access code and password?

A number of years ago I was teaching an adult Sunday school class and a gentleman asked me, “If faith is something I received when I accepted Christ as my Savior, why is it that I have such trouble having faith, trusting God in my more difficult times?”  I responded, “You know, I have been told that I’m a pretty smart and savvy guy, then why is that I do so many dumb, almost child like, things?  It’s because I have either chosen to do them, willfully and with intent, or I just haven’t mastered using the smarts God has given me.”  It’s the same with faith, we may have it but we don’t always show it, for a variety of reasons, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist or that it isn’t readily available to be used for our benefit and God’s glory.  Like so many other things that can be seen, touched or heard, just because we say, quite sincerely, that we have no doubt of their existence and value in our lives, we still have doubts and are uncertain as to their scope and effectiveness.  Just because we say we believe, doesn’t mean we live as if we believe.

The phrase, “by faith” is used at least 21 times in Hebrews, chapter 11 (if I counted correctly) and it is by faith that everything was accomplished that is listed, and the list of accomplishments is impressive. The list of people God employed, includes men and women from all walks of life, careers, ages, and backgrounds; they range all the way from kings to prostitutes, yet God chose them all for the purpose of showing the world that it is He who is in control and that He wants everyone to witness His great works and understand them.  We may not be able to physically see, hear or touch faith, but we can know that it exists and understand its purposes by witnessing its effects on the physical world in which we live. Faith is not an idea or a concept but a real yet intangible force that when used for God’s purposes and in His name, is unstoppable.

The faith that comes from God is not however something that, as mere men having been corrupted by sin, we are able to use on our own, without supervision.  Faith is the very presence of God in our lives, the most powerful and awe inspiring force the world has even seen men employ. When you see the forces of nature at work, the changing of the seasons, horrific storms, mighty waters and waterfalls, or even our God given ability to split the atom and release pure energy, nothing can compare to the power of faith and its ability to change individual lives and the course of human history.  God the Father, in His perfect wisdom sent His Son Jesus to save us from ourselves and the sin that is the cause of all our real difficulties.  Then He sent His Spirit to live in us to supervise and guide us in our faith and teach us how to use that faith for our benefit and for His glory.  This is the foundation, walls and gates of our faith and life’s only real hope for a future filled with peace, joy and security.

When you are in the process of rebuilding the walls and gates around your marriage relationship, what you are really building-up is your faith. Your faith is manifested in the trust and confidence you have in each other and in God, and they are the necessary building blocks of your marriage.  It is the power to do the impossible, by the worlds standards, and when accomplished, tells the world that it is God who is source of your future hope,  present joy and everlasting security.

If you are seeking to get control of your life through genuine love for others in obedience God, it is by faith that you can have it.  If you want God to speak to you so that you might better understand Him and His plan for your life, by faith you can have it.  If you want to be recognized as a man (or woman) of righteousness instead of what you are now, it is by faith that you can have it.  If you want to escape the fear of death and embrace the joy of salvation, redemption and life eternal, it is by faith that you can have it. If you want to please God and stop focusing on pleasing yourself, by faith you can do it (Hebrew 11:1-6). “Without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to Him must believe that He exists and that He rewards those who earnestly seek Him (Hebrews 11:6).”

Tool #284  The access code of life is FAITH and the password is INCHRISTTHELORD.

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